A step by step journey to your peaceful place.

Removing stress and replacing it with inner peace can be facilitated through Meditation. We find it to be one of the best tools to balance emotions and to deal with both physical and psychological stress.

In it’s simplest form Meditation can be described as quieting of the mind. It is that simple.

Why then do we struggle when we try? It is because our “monkey mind” or our thoughts driven by our ego do not want to be quieted. They do not give in easily. But through Guided Meditation and helping you though each step we lead you to your calm and peaceful place that exists in all of us.


Improve the quality of your sleep.

After a year long study, David S. Black, assistant professor of preventive medicine at USC found that meditation helps settle the brain’s arousal systems without any severe side effects as widely used sleep drugs can cause. For many people sleep disorders are closely tied to stress and meditation evokes a relaxation response that can ease stress. Effects of meditation on sleep have shown to improve:

  • Time to Fall Asleep
  • Total Sleep Time
  • Sleep Efficiency
  • Sleep Quality


Increase Productivity

While meditation and business at first glance may seem at different ends of the spectrum, meditation is becoming a valued tool in the workplace. Employers offer meditation to help employees to relax, improve their focus and productivity, and reduce their stress levels. Corporations are using meditation to help employees avoid burnout and increase their coping and problem-solving skills. A number of Fortune 500 companies, including Google, AOL, Apple and Aetna, offer meditation and mindfulness classes for employees — and the top executives of many major corporations say that meditation has made them better leaders.

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Experience Deeper Love

A 2007 study by researchers at The University of Rochester revealed that meditation practice was associated with greater relationship satisfaction. It was also related to better communication quality during relationship discussions.  Another study, at the University of Leuven, found that couples who meditated displayed more objective observation and more empathy toward each other. So how does meditation help your love life? When we meditate our stress reactors are turned down, this means that you are able to approach relationships in a balanced emotional manner. This leaves room for deeper communication and empathy for our partners. Some of the benefits that couples meditation include are:

  • Better Quality Of Communication
  • Increased Acceptance and Compassion
  • Deeper Intimacy
  • Better Sex


Ease Chronic Pain and Illness

In 2011, MIT and Harvard neuro-scientists conducted a study that concluded that meditation helps to mitigate pain. In addition, meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance that benefits both your emotional well-being and your overall health.  We have found that these benefits don’t end when your meditation session ends. Meditation can help carry you more calmly through your day and may improve certain medical conditions.

Client Testimonials

“The neat thing about testimonials is that they give the reader a sense of what is to come. You are going to love being with Jim. I have been in the company of many world class healers. I know Jim. He is in that very same category.
Jim sits with you and guides you on your self healing journey. With his guidance and your intention, you will create and experience your journey. With his guidance, you will re-awaken and reconnect with your divine nature. Through Jim’s meditative self-healing guidance, you find that portal to travel through, that brings you to your true essential nature.
I have been with Jim for dozens of meditations. He has helped me to find comfort, peace, love, compassion, mercy, forgiveness and gratitude. Jim has helped me to activate and actualize my relationship with the divine. \He will help you finish unfinished business and help you heal.
I recommend Jim to everyone searching for healing. His understanding of the human condition and spiritual matters is, without a doubt, world class. He is a kind and compassionate human being and a masterful spiritual guide.”
“Dr. Pilc and his guided meditation classes have enabled me to discover the strength and spirit within myself. He is truly life changing.”
“In the last few weeks I attended a workshop by James Pilc MD . He guided the group into mediation. When the mediation was over a number of the people in attendance expressed how restful they felt – I felt like I just had awakened from a very restful nap. He has a CD which I now own and I can tell you it is one of the best meditation CDs I have ever owned. The benefits from this CD far exceeded my expectations. If you have ever wanted to try mediation and did not know where to start I would highly recommend this.”
“I just wanted to thank you. I attended your meditation session in Pittsburgh last weekend. I purchased your CD and I have been meditating daily, sometimes twice. It has been very helpful and I’m sleeping like never before. Peace.”
“I am forever grateful for my transformational sessions with Dr James Pilc.
Dr Pilc has a very nurturing demeanor, and I have always felt completely safe to be my most authentic self in his presence. In fact, in his presence, I aspire to be my most magnificent self. He demonstrates pure intention and integrity in an ego-less way and is willing to expose his flaws and imperfections. He lovingly and genuinely cares for all who seek his guidance. These meditation experiences are a nurturing way to create well-being for body, mind and spirit.”
Jim’s guided meditation helped me to explore and uncover obstacles that kept me from a deeper experience of living a full and healthier emotional, physical and spiritual life. I recommend Jim’s guided meditations for anyone who is interested in slowing down their life and examining the many alternatives to new and fresh pathways to self-knowledge, self-care and self-love.”
“Dr. Pilc is doing amazing, ground breaking work. I have been fortunate to have experienced his healing methods. I believe he will change how we look at medicine and illness by treating the cause not the dis-ease, and treating the person, spiritually, emotionally and physically as a whole. The very best Doctors prevent illness from manifesting physically, even better, they teach us how to prevent illness. Thank you Jim!”