James Pilc, M.D., a Western Medicine doctor, shares this channeled work about  awakening, healing and becoming one with God. This book contains information that moves beyond many great teachings like “The Course in Miracles”, Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism. It channels information about the tenth dimension that is a space that moves beyond near death experiences (NDE’s). We may become one and communicate with God while we are still alive. Excerpts from “Beyond”: “The influence of ego over Spirit is more of a faint echo than a Subconscious domination.”“God’s will creates the path that most expeditiously leads us to peace.”


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Unstuck – The Enlightenment of Medicine

James Pilc, M.D.,a well-respected OB-GYN physician trained in Western Medicine shares his transformational journey to healing. In this compelling account, Dr. Pilc describes his first-hand experiences with Meditative Self-Healing. Written in an honest and open style, this physician articulates what can only be described as a paradigm shift for modern medicine. Excerpts from “Unstuck: The Enlightenment of Medicine”: “Dissatisfied with a grand total of sixty-five percent improvement, I continued to seek healing beyond Western and Eastern Medicine.” “Meditative Self-Healing moves beyond conventional and complementary medicine to include the spirit in the healing process.” “Through Meditative Self-Healing, the Core Causative Agent is discovered and resolved.”

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introduction-to-meditationIntroduction – A Path To Ourselves

James Pilc, M.D., a Western Medicine doctor, shares his views on the utility of meditation in the healing process. Dr. Pilc describes our abilities to manifest and discover our selves and peace through the meditative space. In this, his second book, Meditative Self-Healing is also reintroduced as a crucial component in healing. With integrity and experience, this physician shares his efforts to diminish suffering and pain and follow a path of peace. Excerpts from “Introduction to Meditation: A Path to Our Selves”: “When we discover and heal each Core Causative Agent, then we find complete healing.” “Meditative Self-Healing helps us find our true self and peace.” “Peace–our intuitive drive that guides us home.” “…use meditation to find our path to peace that leads to a new or improved connection to God.”

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Guided Meditation: A Path To Peace (Beginners Meditation)

“Guided Meditation: A Path to Peace” is a seventy-four minute spoken word CD with original music and binaural tones added to enhance relaxation, creativity and the meditative experience. It includes an introduction to meditation, relaxation exercises and both an extended and a time-saving guided meditation. Created by a physician committed to fusing Western & Eastern Medicine with Meditative Self-Healing.

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Deep Mindful Exploration (Intermediate to Expert Meditation)

Deep Mindful Exploration explores the mind and seeks to elevate global consciousness through meditation. “The meditative space is where the veil between heaven and earth is the most translucent.” Deep Mindful Exploration songs. (James Pilc, M.D. ) Deep Mindful Exploration CD music contains a single disc with 3 songs.

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childrens-meditationChildren’s Meditation – A Beautiful and Magical Relaxation

This 4 track CD for children 12 and under includes: Introduction to Childhood Meditation, Starting Your Day, Preparing for Sleep and Peaceful Music. Children demonstrate improved behavior, memory, attention, focus, control of emotions and decreased impulsivity after just 8 weeks of meditation twice a day. Give your children the life skills they need to both meet daily challenges and sail peacefully into sleep. A priceless gift.

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“Ruku is finally here!”

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Ruku is a Meditation Buddy who was created to enhance the meditation and relaxation experience for children.

Javanese for “Peace”, RUKU will help children relax and feel secure and can be used for the routine of a childhood meditation practice. Soft, playful and soothing, RUKU will bring love and peace and lots of smiles!

$25 + $8 shipping and handling per Ruku. Ruku is 12 inches tall and 6 inches wide.





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